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Kitty’s ode to Kentish Town

First solo single celebrates summer in London

13 August, 2020 — By Dan Carrier

Kitty Liv in Kelly Street

THE joys of a summer in Kentish Town are the inspiration for a new single by one of the area’s home-grown talents.

Kitty Liv is a member of the band Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – made up of the Durham family siblings and their parents.

But her new single, called Lovely London Summer Time, is her first as a solo artist. It is packed with references to the landmarks in her home neighbourhood. She name-checks the famous Mario’s Italian Cafe in Kelly Street – which is near her current home and the Durham Music Studio, were she recorded the track

She said: “I grew up on Kelly Street, which sort of means I grew up on Mario’s mum’s homemade chips and parmigiana.”

The video filmed for the song features well-known NW5 spots – ranging from scenes of Kitty enjoying an ice cream at the cafe on Parliament Hill Fields, to Drinkers Paradise in Prince of Wales Road and street art by artists collective ATG.

She added: “The perfect summer tune, I guess, has to be uplifting. In these strange and uneasy times, I hope this song brings a smile to a few faces. I essentially wanted to write a love letter to London and Kentish Town in particular.”

She says she will never get bored of Kentish Town

Kitty added: “Every day I walk down the high street and see someone I know. It’s changed a lot since I was little, but one thing that remains the same is the real sense of community. I can stroll into one of my local shops or pubs – Tapping The Admiral or The Southampton Arms – and know there’ll always be familiar faces to sit and have a laugh with.”

“I love going away on tour and playing gigs, but that feeling when I come home to KT, I’ll never get bored of it.”

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