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It’s time to outsource the council complaints system

16 March, 2017

• YOUR article (Slaney served £5k bill, with seven days to pay, March 9) which highlights the abusive behaviour of the council, reminds me of a similar occurrence concerned with my council tax which had clearly gone wrong.

They set on me a firm of bailiffs who rang all the doorbells and verbally abused others in the house because I was not at home.

I filed complaints with the council on both occasions and was treated with disdain and contempt.

This may be the central problem; the council’s complaints procedure could solve these problems but it doesn’t because the council does not need to improve.

This is why little ever changes.

It is time for this department to be closed and their work outsourced to a firm that has a culture of needing to improve – possibly one of the big supermarkets, whose attitude to complaints is completely different.

There is an election in around 56 weeks. Councillors should act before the right foot of indignation kicks their sorry backsides into the ditch of oblivion.

Pandora Road, NW6


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