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It’s sibling revelry for Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Band set to embark on a world tour to promote new album, recorded in their self-built studio at NW5 headquarters

20 October, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are set to release a new album, Superscope, before heading out on tour

LISTENING to Kitty, Daisy & Lewis prompts the question: what sort of music do they play?

Their recently released new album, Superscope, is hard to define, apart from saying it is wide ranging in its influences and perfectly executed. One reviewer called them “post-modern Rockabilly”, but ask the Durham siblings if it’s a tag they’d use as they mould together sounds that include everything from funk, punk, country, jazz and blues, and they’d say if you can’t easily find the right moniker, why bother with a pigeonhole in the first place.

“Our tunes often sound very different, they are not really of one style,” says Kitty.

“It is such a combination. If I had to say anything, I’d say it was rock and roll, or shock and roll, perhaps.”

Lewis agrees. He says: “We just had to come up with our genre. It’s rather pointless. It’s like when someone asks what you are cooking, and you have to say: ‘just taste it and see’.”

The band, which includes their parents Graeme and Ingrid, are due to embark on a world tour to promote Superscope and are playing one London date before heading across Europe and then Japan and Australia. They recorded Superscope in their self-built studio at the their NW5 headquarters.

They say that with writing a new album, they come in with ideas and songs they have worked on alone to start with.

Daisy says: “We rehearse it together, and then we take it to another level. All three of us will chip in.”

While they have a big following in the UK, their success is now global and they have a huge following in Europe and Japan.

“It’s crazy out there and it seems to get bigger each time we visit,” says Kitty.

Readers of The Review will know that KDL have been playing music together from the year nought, growing up in a musical family; mother Ingrid was the bassist in the band The Raincoats, while Graeme is a guitarist who works at music production firm The Exchange.

The new album is exceptional, showing a brilliant talent both for songwriting but also a mastery of the various instruments they play.

“We never really decided we needed to make a living out of this industry,” says Daisy, when asked if they had a masterplan to conquer the music Industry.

“It was just something we always did as kids. There was always music around us. Our dad would always be playing and singing and we randomly would jam together for hours and hours. It just went on from there.”

And, as anyone who buys the new album will testify, whatever genre you want to class KDL’s work in, it’s really rather beautiful.

• Kitty, Daisy & Lewis play the Islington Assembly Hall on October 28. Their new album, Superscope, is out on Sunday best Recordings.


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