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It’s right that we improve traffic and improve air quality

22 January, 2021

‘Let’s wait and see the results of Islington’s LTN scheme before we judge’

• I SUPPORT of Islington’s LTN scheme in Highbury as part of a wider plan to reduce vehicle use to cut emissions and make London’s streets safer.

Islington is one of the densely populated boroughs in the country and our roads among the most congested with 50 per cent of emissions coming from vehicles.

It is only right that we reduce traffic and improve air quality. Cutting off rat-runs is, of course, essential, and has been shown to be hugely successful across London and other cities.

The volume of traffic in the capital isn’t sustainable; but reducing traffic also means encouraging people to reduce car use, creating safe streets for everyone in a neighbourhood. It is vital that everyone adopts a new approach to our city streets.

There will inevitably be a few in a neighbourhood whose lives are made more difficult. But for the vast majority (90 per cent of people live in residential streets in the borough) lives will be improved.

Mild inconvenience will give way to cleaner streets, where people can walk, cycle, use mobility scooters and wheelchairs safely. There will be teething problems but these are to be expected.

Traffic reductions will come and businesses will thrive with local people finding it easier and more enjoyable to access them. Fears of difficult deliveries and poor access for emergency services will be shown to be untrue.

Let’s wait and see the results before we judge, and think about the wider benefits over mild inconvenience.



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