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It’s people who are the victims of the developers and their bulldozers

10 May, 2018

• I LIVE on the Regent’s Park estate and crossing the road into Somers Town led me to a world I had thought was lost forever – an oasis of London that the brutal grab for land had passed by, an enclave of peoples of centuries past, mothers, daughters, grandparents, school friends all living close together as one extended family, happy in this little world that they live in, but no!

The property developers have now noticed this land that they missed. The roar of bulldozers knocking down building after building replaces the friendly greeting. Huge skyscrapers rising out of the parks children played in.

When the dust has settled no more will you see the people of yesteryear. They will be gone – the victims of greed and avarice.

William Road, NW1


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