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It was clear this was no ordinary newspaper

08 April, 2021

‘Eric did a wonderful thing by creating his newspaper’

• IT is so sad to hear that Eric Gordon has passed, (Eric Gordon, editor and founder of the Camden New Journal, dies at 89, April 5). My sincere sympathies go to his family, friends and colleagues.

When I first moved here over 30 years ago I picked up a copy of the Camden New Journal and was immediately struck by the fact that it was no ordinary local newspaper.

The content had a refreshingly revolutionary approach to issues affecting the people of the borough combined with forensic attention to detail unmatched by any other publication I had ever seen before.

I quickly discovered that my weekly routine was incomplete without an early Thursday morning dash to the drop box to pick up a copy of the paper and find out what was going on in the area and consider the views of those published in the Letters pages.

The CNJ has been a resolute constant in my life and I am truly grateful that journalists who have been a part of it have taken interest in my never-ending local campaigns over so many years.

Eric did a wonderful thing by creating his newspaper and my hat is forever off to him.

Albert Terrace, NW1


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