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Is the switch to cycle superhighways really social cleansing?

05 July, 2018

• ARE Sadiq Khan, Cllr Adam Harrison, and co really convinced that turning London into a cycle superhighway will reduce pollution when it’s a simple fact that the problem is only displaced into side streets and increased due to slow moving traffic? Or is this part of the sinister plan to socially cleanse London?

Enforcing emission free zones will only favour the rich who can afford electric cars. It will be the less rich, the poorer elderly, disabled and school children who will be forced to walk or cycle, or use the dwindling and much too expensive public transport service.

The C11 and 268 bus service have already been cut by a third, conveniently accommodating the predicted increased traffic resulting from the imminent Cycle Superhighway 11 road block at Swiss Cottage.

It’s all very well suggesting mothers cycle their teeny tots to school in side cars, on freezing winter days! Are drones to be used for domestic and commercial deliveries? Small businesses will fold. Do the mayor and his cohorts cycle to work? Does Theresa May catch a tube to Westminster?

Instead of committing a further £150million to more cycle superhighways, and spending a ludicrous £90billion on HS2, why not instead use those funds to massively subsidise public transport and electrification of all vehicles? This would certainly go along way to achieving the desired result.



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