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Inviting this circus back to the Heath is inappropriate

01 November, 2018

Press photo promoting Zippos circus [Photo: Piet-Hein Out]

• I WAS disappointed that City of London have already gone back on their proposed break with Zippos Circus, (Zippos Circus returns to Hampstead Heath with “daring equestrian acts”, October 16). It has only been for one year that they allowed The Moscow State circus to be present instead.

The fact that the Hampstead Heath consultative committee were unanimous against the use of any domestic or wild animals at future circus shows at the Heath and the RSPCA have called for an all-out ban on the use of animals in circuses, just shows that The City of London have disregarded the views of others by allowing this circus back again with animals being forced to perform.

Other advocates for animal rights are against this as they would say it is exploitative and usually involves cruelty and coercion. As a regular visitor to the Heath I was aware of the circus two years ago which included “flying cats”.

I’d like to think of Hampstead Heath as a safe space for wildlife and feel that City of London’s decision to allow Zippos Circus back is inappropriate.

Sandstone Place, N19


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