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Improved access to Kentish Town Thameslink station is a vital matter

05 July, 2018

• MAKING the installation of step-free access a prerequisite of any planning consent for the development of the Regis Road and Murphy sites is one approach to this problem, as suggested in Paul Braithwaite’s letter, (It’s simply unacceptable that Kentish Town Thameslink station has no access for people with disabilities, June 28).

The Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum considers improved access to the station to be a vital issue for the health of Kentish Town and continues to work with the relevant parties in the hope that this will happen without waiting for the developments to come forward, which might not be for many years.

Both the neighbourhood forum and Camden Council publicly recognise the importance of providing better access to the Kentish Town Thameslink and tube platforms. The Kentish Town Neighbourhood Plan, which had a 91 per cent success rate in its June 2016 referendum, contains a detailed policy for step-free access.

In its exhibition boards for the public engagement in connection with a planning framework for Kentish Town held at the Kentish Town Library in February and March of this year, the council stated that part of its aim to “improve connections and promote sustainable transport” was the provision of step-free access.

Chair, Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum


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