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If this cyclist is so ‘decent’ maybe she should abide by the law

18 May, 2017

Barbara Massey

• IN response to your May 11 report about Barbara Massey’s cycling fine (Give me a break, cyclist tells cops on the Heath), I struggle to see the relevance of her being a, as she so modestly proclaims, “highly respected, educated, decent, older” woman.

If she is indeed so “decent” then maybe she should abide by the law, cycling on a no-cycling path after being fined £275 is not the behaviour of someone “highly respected” but of a delinquent.

Her obsession with age and intellect shocks me and I ask whether she would prefer to live in a country where people are prosecuted based on their education and age rather than whether they are guilty or not? Perhaps she would be happier if the signs said “no cycling – unless you are old and privileged”. Would she prefer that criminals with a degree served less time?

If she struggles walking but is a ballet dancer then I am sure the Heath police would turn a blind eye to her pirouetting rather than walking along the no-cycling paths. And after an article saturated with ageism and insufferable entitlement, Barbara Massey makes the most grossly shocking claim of all: “I am the safest of riders and have never even hit a flea…”

How can you know that Barbara?

(Age 18 – apologies Barbara)


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