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I was expelled from the party but still vote Labour

10 May, 2018

• I WAS at the council elections and was very pleased at the result of the Swiss Cottage ward.

I represented Swiss Cottage ward as a Labour councillor with my Labour colleagues, in 1994 until 1998 when I was deselected over a planning dispute. The chair of the branch took one side of the dispute and I took the other.

Dirty tricks followed and I complained and was told it would be referred to the region. Nothing came of that so I decided to stand as “Labour councillor seeking re-election”.

There were a lot of spoiled ballot papers because people voted four times rather than three which was the limit.

I got exactly 600 votes which won me a bet from a friend who said I would not get more than a 150. There were a lot of split votes and one Conservative wrote to me: “I was one of the gallant 600”.

An American was selected to replace me but he could not be elected as he was not entitled to even stand. But he lost anyway.

Another Labour candidate was a teacher and had to stand down. So we lost two Labour candidates to two Conservative councillors.

I was expelled from the Labour Party for standing against an authorised Labour candidate but I have always voted Labour not withstanding that.

I was delighted with the victory of the three Labour candidates last Thursday. We have waited 20 years for this result and feel I have been avenged.

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