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I served Taylor Swift a shish and salad, says Kentish Delight kebab man

World's biggest pop star asked for chilli sauce

25 October, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

Mahmut Ciniviz served Taylor Swift a late night treat

IT is the foodstuff that feeds many a pop fan after an energy-sapping gig – but the New Journal can reveal that pop megastar Taylor Swift also appears partial to a good chicken shish kebab, and likes it doused in chilli sauce.

Mahmut Ciniviz, at the Kentish Delight kebab shop, where the Grammy Award-winner was spotted filming a new video on Friday, said: “Taylor went for the shish – and all the rest of the film crew also tucked into our kebabs too. She asked for chilli sauce and plenty of salad.”


Mr Ciniviz, who has worked at Kentish Delight for seven years, said they knew a film crew was coming but were not told in advance who the video was being shot for.

“They came to see us and asked if they could use the café for a couple of hours,” he said. “We did not know who it was for – and they told us just 15 minutes before they showed up.”

Mr Ciniviz said the crew told him they chose his takeaway as it was perfect to illustrate the joys of partying the evening away. “They said the video was based on a night out in London and this place was perfect for a Friday night atmosphere. Kentish Delight is obviously the place to be,” he added.

The stretch of road is no stranger to the pop world’s A-list making surprise appearances. Rihanna visited nearby Mem’s Cafe for a sandwich after a gig at the Forum in 2012.

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