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I fell foul of spitting on the 29 bus

11 September, 2020

• I WANT to give a warning to people who can wear a face covering on public transport but do not.

I was on a No 29 bus recently and a man got on the back door and sat down. He was shouting that he was not going to pay his fare.

The man continued to shout, swear, and generally not be nice on the bus. What happened next, I could not believe… he spat and his spit landed on my hand.

I wiped it off and told the bus driver he needed to get him off the bus. I got off the bus and so did the man. I then got back on the bus and asked if anyone had sanitiser. No one offered. But the bus driver had some.

When I got home I rang 111 to get reassurance that I did not need to have a Covid-19 test. If the spit landed on my face and I was not wearing a face covering more than likely I would have needed a test.

So please, if you can wear a mask or face covering on public transport, wear one. Also if anyone does spit on you, call the police and give as much detail as possible.

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