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I fear for the future of the city farm

06 June, 2019

Scarlett Villa and Murphy

• I AM horrified by the threat to our beloved Kentish Town City Farm, (Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike joins campaign to save City Farm, June 6).

My children spent a joyful major part of their younger lives at the farm; learning about and looking after the animals and learning to ride. One of them even achieved an “equine” GCSE. Now I enjoy accompanying my grandchildren and sharing their discovery of farm life.

The apparently faceless, mysterious and absentee trustees have decided to make swingeing cuts to all aspects of its existence, short of actual closure(?). Their plans for the future of the farm will destroy the very ethos of its charming and educational existence.

Am I alone in fearing that this is the thin end of the cynical wedge, leading perhaps to more unaffordable housing? The educational and social value of this unique facility is unquantifiable and must be saved for the all our children and grandchildren.



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