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I am disgusted by the insulting drawings of the royal family

23 November, 2017

Mural by Loretto in King’s Cross that has been whitewashed

• I WAS so sad to see the letter of the disgusting “drawings” of our dear Queen, showing a “gartered” bare leg (Check out the other Queen mural that was whitewashed, November 16).

I would not even read the article as I have seen this disgusting drawing many times.

There is an even more insulting drawing in Caledonian Road in Islington of our future Queen Kate. She is nude, and pregnant, standing with a crown placed on her bare stomach. This drawing has now been on the wall for a couple of years. I find it insulting.

I love my country and the royal family. I have always had great respect for them. I find this “drawing” disgusting and insulting. I feel sick every time I see it!

Northiam, WC1


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