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How to fight knife crime – the mistakes continue

31 October, 2019

• INSANITY is repeating the same thing again and again while expecting something different to happen, as Albert Einstein so rightly said. I was reminded of this when I went to the Camden Safer Neighbourhood Board’s latest meeting.

While I noticed no mention of some of your correspondent’s issues, (Letters, October 24) there was mention of knife crime, a matter which is being dealt with in the same way over and over again, with no useful improvement.

I regretted that there was no data about the employment status of knife offenders and suggested that the rate was possibly astronomically high.

I mentioned that in Bob Woodward’s book on the US president, Donald Trump, Fear in the White House, Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs tells him that, if he has a second term, he will have to deal with 24 per cent unemployment due to automation in the car and truck world.

This will happen to us for the same reason, and the problem will affect knife crime. The police, I said, must act proactively to put the case to decision makers that the government needs a different attitude to employment.

Employment must be for social as well as economic reasons – the existing costs of crime are too high. The Borough Commander had something more important to do, and his Chief Inspector said that this could not happen.

I suggested that unless the real causes are dealt with, a lack of belief in the future, the knife situation will go on and on, getting worse. I tried to get the matter opened up for debate and was slapped down by the chair. Einstein was right.

Pandora Road, NW6


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