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How dare Theresa May talk about stability when she has treated EU nationals in such a way?

20 April, 2017

• AS a Londoner who happens to be a French citizen without a UK passport, who has studied and worked here for many years, I was told back in July by Liam Fox that I am a “main card” in the Brexit process, “negotiation capital” in January, and a benefits scrounger by national tabloids.

The government had numerous opportunities to guarantee my rights as a human being, but refused to do so.

The process to confirm my UK residence is full of punishing bureaucratic hurdles, from filling out a 100-page form to retrieving and submitting dozens of original documents. Thousands of people have been through this long and demanding process only to have had their application rejected.

How dare Theresa May talk about “stability” when she has unnecessarily created stress and uncertainty in the lives of so many European Union nationals?



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