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10 May, 2019

• I HAVE really been affected by what’s happening on the streets of the UK, especially the forgotten inner cities where my family and friends were born, and grew up, and some still live.

We see the Mediterranean-style cafés now where our pie & mash used to be. When I was much younger I walked around my area of Camden, myself and friends just larking around, and overstaying our welcome at the run-down local social club.

Even then (in the 1970s) Camden Council were planning to shut down the places we hung out. I did a lot of running when I had entered the wrong zone. I would be running all the time!

No danger just excitement! You would see the tickets officers in Euston or Warren Street Underground stations chasing my group of friends and I, as we we’re sliding down the escalators. We were on the handles, sometimes in the middle using them as slides!

There was nothing to do on a Sunday so we walked up and down the Cally, looking out for my latest crush. No one around just me and my friend.

We played on a bombsite, playing five-a-side football way before Arsenal had a women’s team and a place called Cubitt Street. Full of old car tyres, mud and crap, with a pulley made out of a rope.

I went to one of the worst schools of its time. It was quite an experience and we had to learn survival skills just to get through the school day. Some of teachers were more scary than the kids. I must admit there were was serious fights at lunchtimes. But I would hide away from it.

Now you might be wondering where this is leading. Pushing the awareness: already started but a long way to go I just wanted to say help me to help them and get the latest youth crime off our streets.

We need to help the police by raising money to raise awareness. I no longer live in Camden and I am no longer a teenager. I am a 55-year-old grandmother just trying to help a good cause.

I have been talking to a Mr Terry Ellis @Camden Against Violence campaign and I have mentioned I will be doing as much as possible to help. What else can we do!



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