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Head teachers’ message for parents and carers

06 June, 2019

‘We are struggling to make the money we get cover the costs of running our schools’

School funding: A letter to all parents and carers from Camden head teachers

• WE are head teachers in Camden. Our schools serve very diverse communities and one thing we all have in common is our determination to provide every child with the best possible education.

Over the last few years this ambition has become more and more difficult to achieve. We are struggling to make the money we get cover the costs of running our schools the way we want to.

Every year our bills go up but our income does not increase at the same rate, and in some cases decreases. In order to ensure that our schools do not go into debt, we have to make savings. All of us have had to reduce the amount we spend on staff and resources.

This often means that children are not able to access the kind of learning opportunities that they need and deserve. Our staff teams are our most important resource and paying them is, quite rightly, the largest cost.

Many of us have had to stop recruiting new staff, and in some cases schools have had to make staff redundant simply to balance our budgets. The situation does not look like it’s going to get any better.

All our staff and governors will continue to do everything we can to ensure that children do not suffer as a result of the financial situation. We are writing to you to let you know that we need your support.

We are not asking you for donations, although our PTAs are vital in helping us financially. We are simply asking, as we continue to struggle on, for your understanding, patience and support.

Please write to your MP, local councillor and local newspapers and tell them how much you value your children’s education.

JOHN HAYES Gospel Oak Primary and Nursery School; DONALD McGIBBON Fleet Primary School; ROB EARREY Fitzjohn’s Primary School; JAMES HUMPHRIES Kentish Town CE Primary School; GWEN LEE Christopher Hatton School; LAUREL ROBIN Brookfield Primary School; KATE FROOD Eleanor Palmer Primary School; MARIANNE PORTER Brecknock Primary School; ALLAN McLEAN Hampstead Parochial & St Luke’s; JULES BELTON St Mary and St Pancras CE Primary School; CLIVE HALE St Paul’s CE Primary School; PAULA WALKER Christ Church CE Primary School; VICKI BRIODY Abacus Belsize Primary School; HELEN CONNOR Rhyl Primary School; LIZ HAYWARD Kingsgate Primary School; KARYN RAY New End Primary School; ROBIN WARREN Primrose Hill Primary School; KATHY BANNON Richard Cobden Primary School; EMYR FAIRBURN King’s Cross Academy; JIM ROEBUCK Beckford Primary School; LAURA HALL Holy Trinity CE Primary School; HELEN BRUCKDORFER Torriano Primary School; JEMIMA WADE Argyle Primary School; JACQUELINE PHELAN Carlton Primary School; ANNE FONTAINE Hawley Primary School; PERINA HOLNESS Thomas Coram Centre; JO IWANICKI St Luke’s CE School; PETER KEANE Rosary Catholic Primary School; RUBY NASSER Edith Neville Primary School; JENNIFER O’PREY St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School; VIJITA PATEL Swiss Cottage School; LORRAINE DOLAN Holy Trinity & St Silas Primary School; KATY FORSDYKE Christ Church Primary School; KATHRYN FITZSIMMONS Emmanuel CE Primary School; SEAN CRANITCH St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School; DANI SIVE Frank Barnes School For Deaf Children; JULIETTE JACKSON St Eugene de Mazenod Catholic Primary School, Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, St Mary’s Kilburn CE Primary School, St Michael’s CE Primary School; BAVAANI NANTHABALAN Netley Primary School and Centre for Autism and Robson House PRU; HELEN TYLER St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and REBECCA HARRIS St Alban’s Primary School


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