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He never spoke down to people

08 April, 2021

• I WAS sad to hear of Eric Gordon’s death, (Eric Gordon, editor and founder of the Camden New Journal, dies at 89, April 5).

I met Eric during the strike when the Camden New Journal was set up. Labour Party members would sell the strike paper – called the Camden New Journal as opposed to the Camden Journal – around the pubs in Somers Town.

We always sold out and got good financial contributions!

Keeping a good independent paper which valued its journalists was the point and it is down to Eric’s sheer determination and dedication that the paper survived.

He understood that people wanted local news about bins and buses and local services, but in the context of the wider picture and why these things were happening.

He never spoke down to people. The Journal always reported on the political issues of the day from health service cuts, the miners’ strike, the poll tax, housing…

He criticised where it was due even when it meant the Journal was, at one point, banned from Camden’s libraries. He was not one to talk much about himself.

I had not realised about his house arrest in China till we were talking about bad Christmas experiences and he mentioned in passing that he had been under house arrest in China and had to draw and cut out pictures of Christmas dinner.

Eric has a proud legacy, he was a proper journalist, he will be missed.



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