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Have you seen this Porsche? Rare sports car may have been ‘stolen to order’ from West Hampstead

Theft came two days after car's cover was blown off by storm

08 January, 2018 — By William McLennan

The Porsche 911 has a distinctive paint job   

A classic car fan fears his beloved Porsche could have been stolen to order and may soon be smuggled on to a container ship.

The sports car was taken from a quiet street in West Hampstead overnight on Friday and the owner is hoping that the distinctive appearance will make it an easy to spot.

He said there had already been a “couple of sightings in central London” after he shared images with car enthusiasts online.

The Porsche 911 was recently renovated, with black and gold stripes running along the roof and bonnet.

The owner, who asked not to be named, told the New Journal: “I didn’t think that was making it more steal-able, I thought it was making it less steal-able. You don’t see many cars looking like that.

“The reason I have never thought too much about security, which was a massive mistake, is that there just isn’t that many of those cars around. It’s pretty niche.”

It was parked on Narcissus Road, hidden beneath a cover that was blown off when Storm Eleanor swept through London on Wednesday evening.

“When I looked out the window on Saturday morning it wasn’t there,” he said. “There was only broken glass on the pavement.”

He said he has been told by police and insurers that the vehicle is likely to have either been taken by joyriders, meaning it may be parked up somewhere in London, or stolen to order and shipped out of the UK.

“The possibility that it has been stolen to order within two days is much more worrying,” he said.

“On Thursday, somebody has seen the car and by Friday night they’ve sent a picture and have an order from somewhere and then they’ve managed to get it in a shipping container. All within two days.”

He also had a word of advice for anyone attempting to drive his “pride and joy”, whether that be a thief or blackmarket buyer.

“Whoever has got it now should know there’s no air condition and it doesn’t start well in the cold. It only suits the UK between March and May and September through to November,” he said. “It’s a bugger to drive.”

To report a sighting, please email with a date, time and location.

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