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Have we heard this storyline before?

07 February, 2019

• A PLOT – an aging monarch obsessed by a “Britishness” identity crisis decides (crazily) to split inheritance three-ways (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) but sidelines the most loyal (NI) resulting in devastating losses (insert metaphorical sub-plot about gouged-out blindness).

Central motif, a battle over “nothing”, negation, negativity, blah, with circumscribed denials, resistance, refusal, rejection, repudiation bilge/waffle about “irrevocable circumstances”, “the majority will”, and a soupçon of wilful deception by a self-righteous male elite abandoning the youth, or feigning madness.

Denouement? Does sanity yield to terrifying visions or compassionate epiphanies for “poor naked wretches”? Has the spectre of dementia dawned or, who knows, who cares?



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