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Hampstead and Kilburn: Rainbow George’s last stand

Peter Cook's friend confirms he will stand in Hampstead and Kilburn at next month's general election.... again

16 May, 2017 — By Tom Foot

RAINBOW George Weiss says he is making his “last stand” for election after 33 years of running as independent candidate in general elections.

To the surprise of nobody involved in local politics, the 76-year-old confirmed on Thursday that he will once again stand as a candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn. He hopes to kick off his “peaceful revolution” on May 31 with a team of buskers.

Mr Weiss is standing on the same ticket as his friend Ronnie Carroll – the so-called “Eurovisionary” who polled 113 votes at the 2015 general election despite dying a few days before polling day. Mr Weiss has either stood or organised a friend to stand in Hampstead for the last six elections. Before every election, he arrives without fail at the New Journal’s office to tell reporters of his policies.

“It is my last stand, I just know it is,” said Mr Weiss, a former neighbour of comedian Peter Cook in Hampstead. “I’m not standing for Parliament, I’m standing against it.”

Buskers will be distributing election postcards, said Mr Weiss, which map out his vision of “Europia nutopia” – a leisure-orientated, cashless and tax free society without a military and populated by “happy smiley people” overseen by a “Lovernment”.


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