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Hamper appeal: Let nobody be forgotten at Christmas

22 November, 2019

ALL across Islington, all across London, the Christmas lights are beginning to illuminate.

Yes, it’s still on November but some can simply not contain their excitement for the parties and treats ahead.

It’s true, as that cheesy old festive song goes, some people really do seem like they wish it could be Christmas every day.

And yet we know that not everybody shares that feeling. As special as the festive season is, the race to celebrate can fill people living in your street with dread.

Think of the pensioners on their own, with only memories of Christmases past now there to warm them.

Then there are people who have gone through great hardship through 2019 or are struggling to get by. Christmas on the breadline can be no fun at all.

This is why every year, the Islington Tribune organises a Christmas appeal. We collect as much money to pay for hampers to be delivered to those who may have forgotten we are community that cares for one each other. With your help, we can make sure nobody gets forgotten as the big day approaches.

But we do need your help. We can’t do it without your support. Any donation from a penny upwards will go straight into making somebody in your neighbourhood’s Christmas.

Of course, a hamper is not a shiny new smartphone or a brand new BMX for the kids. But more than it is a measure that we will always be a borough that looks like out for one and another.

It’s what makes Islington.

As well as your donations, perhaps your school, social or sports club, choir or workplace would like to help us? If you have a fundraising idea in mind – or simply want to have a whip-round with your colleagues – please let us know.

Every contribution, big or small, helps towards making someone in need know that others are out there and are looking out for them.

And we will make sure we write about everybody who comes up with a fundraising idea in the coming weeks.

If you know somebody who you think should receive a hamper, email

You can send a cheque to ‘Islington Tribune Hamper Fund’, Islington Tribune, 40 Camden Road, London, NW1 9DR, or donate by clicking on the button below:


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