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Gardners and residents are upset by the prospect of a £75 charge for garden waste collections

16 March, 2017

• AS the warmer weather arrives many Camden residents are out gardening for the first time in months.

Gardeners in Highgate and right across Camden play an important role in maintaining the wonderful atmosphere of our particularly green part of London.

Gardening keeps residents healthy; keeping people planting is more important than ever, with rising concerns about air pollution.

Many older residents say that the exercise from gardening is important for their health but, unfortunately, such residents are likely to be charged by the council for continuing their activity.

From April 1 residents who want garden waste collected will have to pay a garden tax of £75 a year.

Otherwise grass cuttings and any other garden rubbish simply won’t be removed by the council.

We have spoken to residents right across Highgate who are upset by these changes, particularly elderly residents who have been living in their properties for years and will now be taxed for enjoying their garden.

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