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Foxes have adapted to urban life

04 October, 2018

Foxes are ‘better neighbours than some humans’

• I AM old enough to remember London before we shared our neighbourhoods with foxes and, like many others, I remember being rather disconcerted when I found a den in the garden of a friend in Hampstead.

We seem to be programmed to be suspicious of newcomers, animal and human. But I’m pleased to see them being defended against the spurious claim that they are cat killers, (Animal rescue worker warns of ‘anti-fox press’ in wake of Croydon cat killer probe, September 27).

Over the past 20 or 30 years their numbers have multiplied and they have adjusted to urban life. Not so many are killed on the roads. They mainly stay out of our way during the day.

In other words, they have fitted in with us (and cats, which they respect). Aside from occasionally doing a bit of damage in the garden, they’re better neighbours than some humans!



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