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Deep Blue fish and chips joins foodie transformation of Fleet Road

With high-quality fish and chips – and a few unusual twists – Deep Blue is taking its mission seriously, while Thai Heath is a new venture for a mother-and-daughter team

25 April, 2017 — By Tom Moggach

Deep Blue has taken over a Fleet Street site from another chippy

MOST of us glimpse Fleet Road through the car or bus window, swooping up towards South End Green. But this quiet stretch is gently sizzling with new places to eat, including a swish fish and chip restaurant and Thai café.

The recent opening of Deep Blue marks a first for this street: the arrival of a big player, taking over the site from the previous chippy. This business is the latest link in Deep Blue’s chain of more than 20 high quality fish and chip restaurants.

I’m a sucker for cod and chips – sustainably sourced, of course. And Deep Blue takes its mission seriously, chipping its spuds fresh each morning and adding a few unusual twists for good measure.

Salt and pepper squid and panko-coated prawns (both £3.10 a portion) are seldom spotted on takeaway menus. Here they hit the spot with a crisp, light and dry batter.

The business is still finding its feet as it adapts to this new neighbourhood. At the moment, most walk-in customers choose takeaways out of habit. But there’s comfy booth seating at the back, where meals are brought to your table. This aspect is well done, with generous portions on large plates.

Top marks for the classy accompaniments of sparkling fresh salad and lemon wedges.

They also offer a bewildering number of sides, including breaded mushrooms and pineapple fritters.

Deep Blue is tech-savvy, offering the option of ordering online for collection via their website or app. Deliveroo and Uber Eats also deliver.

Prices are reasonable, at around £7 for a standard-sized cod and chips. NHS workers from the nearby Royal Free get a 10 per cent discount and there are special deals for seniors, too

A few doors down, Jan and Risa have just launched Thai Heath café on the site of the much-loved Beetroot Deli.

The mother and daughter behind the counter are old hands in this trade. For the past 10 years, they have been cooking the Thai food at the Old Eagle pub in Royal College Street. This is their latest, additional venture. A new dimension is the addition of Japanese food.

When I popped my head in, specials included a homemade pork red curry with fresh green peppercorns and a pork tonkatsu, around £7 a pop. Thai Heath also serves a range of noodles, stir fries, sandwiches, breakfasts and coffee.

Deep Blue
106 Fleet Road, NW3
0203 092 7802

Thai Heath
92 Fleet Road, NW3
020 7879 8127


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