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Feeling proud? Charity shop robbed by book thief

'Stealing from a charity – you don't have the words for it'

24 May, 2019 — By Samantha Booth

Monika Pokorna with her angry sign

A SUSPECTED thief has stolen a rare book from a charity shop in Camden Town.

Monika Pokorna, manager at the Mind shop on Camden Road, said she does not “have the words” for the person who took a tattoo patterns book on Thursday afternoon.

It is one of the most expensive items the shop has had stolen. A sign now sits in the shop window reading: “To the thief who stole the £95 rare book from the window – hope you feel proud!”

“It was quite upsetting,” said Ms Pokorna. “Stealing from a charity – you don’t have the words for it.”

Staff researched the book – Tattoo Flash Black and White by Tattoo Point SP – and found it was only on sale in America. Listings online says it contains some of the greatest black and white works from artists worldwide.

The large A3 size book was put in the shop’s window, where other books are also displayed, and when it came to closing time, staff realised the book was no longer there.

“I said it’s not in the window and the staff said no one had sold it,” said Ms Pokorna.

The same day, a kind hearted customer had donated concert tickets for Canadian pop singer Michael Bublé, worth hundreds of pounds.

He had bought them for him and a friend who could no longer go and wanted someone deserving to have it, said Ms Pokorna.

“He said try and give them to somebody first and if I could not find anyone then we could sell them,” she said. “You get some generous people and then the ones who won’t pay and you think ‘oh’… it’s very disappointing.”


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