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Fake road signs lack charm

09 November, 2017

• I HAVE noticed a worrying trend in Hampstead lately.

Our heritage tiled street signs, which add such character to the neighbourhood, are not being preserved and in some instances have been replaced by fake plastic “tile-effect” signs, which are much less durable and lack all the charm of the tiled signs.

This summer I noticed that the sign on Rosslyn Mews (a small street off Hampstead High Street) had been replaced by such a sign. I reported it to the council which said it would have it replaced, but, unfortunately, months later they say it is private land and they can do nothing.

There are examples of these fake tiles street signs all over Hampstead, and it is important that the council – and we as a community – ensure that they spread no further.

Preserving and conserving Hampstead’s historic character requires vigilance and fighting small changes, whether it’s a street sign in one place or a lamp-post in another.

I will be continuing my fight to save Hampstead’s tiled street signs alongside my colleagues and Hampstead councillors Oliver Cooper and Stephen Stark.

If any Hampstead residents come across any examples of fake tiled signs on their roads, or want to support our campaign to preserve Hampstead’s historic character, please do get in contact.

Conservative Candidate for Hampstead Town


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