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Experts for St Stephen’s Trust are delivering a shock report concerning the dangers of the Royal Free’s Pears Building plans

16 November, 2017

• FOLLOWING the Royal Free charity’s submission of their detailed basement construction plan for the proposed Pears Building to Camden Council, St Stephen’s Trust experts have just delivered a shock 30-page critical report.

The report, hot off the press, highlights key dangers to Grade I-listed St Stephen’s and Hampstead Hill School that have been conveniently overlooked or ignored by the charity.

In a detailed technical paper, which will be made public next week, the SST experts suggest that the charity’s submission has been carefully tailored to bypass the section 106 sanction that construction should pose no threat whatsoever to the St Stephen’s site.

St Stephen’s Trust will demand that the technical points raised by SST experts be addressed in detail by the charity and also by Camden Council before the detailed basement construction Plan is approved.

Given the history of disaster at Grenfell Tower and the Chalcots Estate findings, can we any longer trust council planning élites to wave through decisions convenient to themselves that, for better and sometimes for much worse, impact on the daily lives of communities who pay their wages via council tax?

The trust is preparing a thorough-going presentation to Camden, based on its experts’ analysis. The experts’ report will be available for inspection by the community and the press.

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