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Estate has suffered many hot water and heating failures

08 March, 2018

• RESIDENTS of the Harben estate have been suffering multiple heating and hot water failures since October 2017.

In the last two months, with temperatures at record lows, the heating and hot water system has broken down no fewer than 10 times for many residents of the estate.

Reasons given include burst hot water pipes, old piping and radiators, blockage along the line, etc. But the reason that takes the prize is: ongoing maintenance and upgrades in each flat and the boiler operations.

To the innocent bystander the obvious question is: Why would anyone do a major upgrade to large residential blocks in the winter? Isn’t this a job for summer or, at the most, late spring through early autumn?

Let’s be sensible and halt any major disruptive upgrades until the weather improves considerably. Our friends in Rowley Way, Kilburn, seem to be suffering in like manner and are also complaining.

Doesn’t this show that winter, and especially the coldest winter in many years, isn’t the right time to be fiddling with heating and hot water systems?

Conservative Team for Swiss Cottage


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