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Emily Thornberry is a good MP and would be a good party leader

24 January, 2020

• I WRITE first to express my thanks and appreciation to Emily Thornberry, my MP, for the excellent work she has done in helping me over the years.

She has been kind, hardworking, and above all caring, taking time to do a difficult job well and with such energy and taking a real concern about her work.

Secondly, I write to publicly express my thanks for the help she has given me. Without her help I would not have a roof over my head and I can assure you I am not the only person she has helped in South Islington and Finsbury.

She has visited many places in the borough and when I served on the council I know she would visit the elderly and hear about issues they wanted to raise or help needed at their care home.

I am often shocked at how she can remember so many people and how much energy she has. This is the kind of person Labour needs as a leader. Someone who will climb up flights of stairs to listen to people’s problems and provide them with the help they need.

I am grateful to her for going the extra distance and think that the Labour Party would do well to have Emily Thornberry as leader. And I am glad she has put herself forward for the position.

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