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Election rivals unite to condemn London Bridge terror attack

Message from politicians: 'As Londoners we will not allow hate to triumph over optimism, nor suspicion to trumph over hope.'

04 June, 2017 — By Richard Osley

THE election candidates from Camden’s four main political parties have come together today (Sunday) to condemn last night’s terror attack on London Bridge and Borough Market, after at least seven people were killed and many more injured.

Police shot dead three suspects wearing fake bomb vests after they ran over people in a van on London Bridge before jumping out and stabbing people in bars and restaurants. Scotland Yard said this morning that the suspected terrorists were shot down by police within eight minutes of the first emergency call.

The general election is still set to go ahead on Thursday but for the second time in a fortnight campaigning has been suspended out of respect for those killed. And today candidates in both constituencies in Camden released a joint statement praising the emergency services and offering the message of defiance that “we will not allow hate to triumph over optimism”. It said:

“Last night witnessed a third major terrorist incident in as many months. Regardless of our political differences, we are united in condemning the attack in South London. Our thoughts are with all of those affected including the injured and the families and friends of those that have died. 

Again, we have seen the very best of our community, offering help to those in need near the scene. Again, the emergency services responded within minutes, placing themselves in danger to help victims and bring the situation to a rapid conclusion. Again, we are united, not divided, by such a terrible act.

Our admiration and thanks go to those members of the emergency services who bravely run into danger to protect us and to the hospital staff who deal with the horrific consequences.

As Londoners, we will not allow hate to triumph over optimism, nor suspicion to triumph over hope.”
The statement has been signed by Labour candidates Sir Keir Starmer and Tulip Siddiq, the Conservative candidates Tim Barnes and Claire-Louise Leyland, the Lib Dem candidates Stephen Crosher and Kirsty Allan and the Green candidates Sian Berry and John Mansook.

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