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Does the ‘hostile environment’ extend to our political parties?

07 June, 2018

• SARA CALLAWAY and Shoda Rackal write that the Windrush scandal had “…woken up the public to the way deportations and the ‘hostile environment’ wrecks lives…”, (The enduring shame of deportations and the ‘hostile environment’, May 31).

In the 1970s and 1980s I worked on London buses and knew many marvellous men and women working there from a West Indian background. Many took an active part in local community services and politics.

The environment in politics in Camden is hostile to anyone from a working-class background playing a significant part in affairs. If I could find a working-class person from a West Indian background taking part in local politics to any extent I would be able to ask if they found the atmosphere hostile in the local parties.

I ask again, could the council leader explain who exactly selected the 2017 Local Campaign Forum which went on to impose the council candidates who were then elected in 2018?

West End Lane, NW6


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