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Do the buttons on pelican crossings really do anything?

31 October, 2019

‘Do these buttons do anything to turn the traffic lights red?’

• I AM a frequent user of the pelican crossing that is outside the entrance to Sainsbury’s in Camden Road, Camden Town.

At either side of the crossing, on both sides of the road, there is a pole with a control box with a push button. WAIT, it reads, if one pushes the button.

There must be many such crossings in the borough. Do these buttons do anything to turn the traffic lights red?

No one I’ve asked believes so and I’ve never sensed that the lights go red any quicker whether one pushes the button or not!

Perhaps these boxes and buttons are there just to make the pedestrian feel as if he or she has control of the traffic.

A cost-saving measure would be to dispense with these boxes altogether and use the money for something more useful.

Reachview Close, NW1


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