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Demolition and construction dust is a real hazard

04 October, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• A CORRESPONDENT recently wrote to you about the dreadful racket from building work endured by residents, (Curb the hours of all this construction noise, September 19).

Indeed, that has long been terrible enough for Londoners; but alongside the noise is the invisible mix of particles released into the air from the wholesale demolition and construction dust that we in the capital have been subjected to for a decade or so. Little of this building activity has been for essential housing.

The current Mayor of London has come down hard on motorists but there is no “dust penalty” for property developers who, over the years, have consistently scooped huge profits from infrastructure and regeneration projects.

The relentless cocktail of dust blown about must contain particles of brick, plaster, cement and asbestos. I have written to the mayor’s office on the subject and hope that others do likewise. Are GLA representatives aware of this peril to lung health?



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