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Cyclists are road users too

08 April, 2021

Sandy Lieberson said cyclists need to take protective gear seriously

• SANDY Lieberson deserves sympathy for his injuries in a cycling accident caused by a car, and his call for cycle awareness training for minicab drivers is entirely understandable, (Producer: Train minicab drivers, April 1).

But doesn’t his comment that “I haven’t previously worn a helmet…” reflect another side of the coin as well?

Even before Camden’s lockdown cycling surge, numerous riders appeared to be oblivious to their own safety: not wearing a helmet, dressing in dark clothes without reflective patches at night, and riding bikes with no lights endangers both cyclists and others.

And many pedestrians and drivers will have anecdotal tales of riders ignoring lane discipline or crossings and traffic lights, at all hours of the day, to their own and everyone else’s detriment.

Drivers clearly have a duty of care towards cyclists; it’s obvious who’s going to come off worse in a collision between a vehicle and a bike, and Camden’s had far too many deaths in recent years. But perhaps cyclists might also remember that they’re road users too.

If council and City Hall policy is for a massive increase in cycle journeys, maybe the mandatory training for professional drivers Mr Lieberson calls for should also be applied to anyone wanting to ride a bike.

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