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Cutting £20 off benefits is understandable if you look at the Tory mindset

17 September, 2021

‘Cruelty is built into the Tory mindset’ 

• I AGREE with Phil Cowan (Letters, September 9) that cutting off the £20 uplift to benefits is not just “cruel but depraved” – but fear he is missing the point.

Cruelty is built into the Tory mindset, its contempt for those it considers beneath them hard-wired and immutable.

Most children grow out of pulling the wings off insects, their parents usually instilling a basic conscience, a sense of the suffering of others. Whatever “enjoyment” to be had in inflicting pain is turned into “how would you feel?”

This is entirely lacking in the Tory view of the world, where “what does the insect need wings for if it can still crawl?” is matched by the pleasure of watching it try, with the added frisson that it would never and could never happen to them.



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