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Critics of Islington’s lone opposition voice should follow Corbyn’s example

20 April, 2018

• I AM a keen supporter of Jeremy Corbyn for two main reasons: he is listening to people instead of being interested in himself as so many politicians are. And, out of principle, he never smears people with lies or half-truths and instead always focuses on the argument.

That is exactly what I like about our Green councillor, Caroline Russell, too. She is always listening to our community and is focused on resolving key issues.

By contrast, Labour Islington is trying to run a personal smear campaign against Cllr Russell – the only opposition councillor. This is outrageous as it is exactly the kind of campaign Jeremy is facing from the right.

The claims that Caroline is against social housing are absolutely not true. Local Labour should take a leaf out of the book of their leader on how to behave in an election. They should be ashamed of themselves for their smear campaign and apologise to Cllr Russell.



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