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We are against the idea of a pop-up pub in Coram’s Fields

18 February, 2021

Coram’s Fields

• WE have learned that Coram’s Fields are canvassing opinion of adult footballer renters regarding potentially serving alcohol and food from the playground café, in a form of “pop-up pub”. The apparent purpose of this is to “diversify income”.

Coram’s Fields User Group (CFUG) would like to express deep concern and a disappointment that such thoughts are ever considered.

The management of Coram’s Fields continue to cross boundaries and ignore the essential purpose of this playground for children only.

To us this is indicative of broader issues at Coram’s Fields and a repeated example of lack of care and a failure of imagination.

Under such management, the playground was subjected to destructive corporate marquee rental, a major expansion of football rental to adults, with commensurate severe and damaging limits on children’s time and ability to play in the park.

The management appear solely focused on making money out of adults. As CFUG have amply shown, the purpose is not diversification but unjust financing of a bloated organisation.

This very tough time with Covid-19 has shown to us all how lovely and full of children the park can be without extraneous adults, without the corporate marquee and other corporate rental.

And the Covid-19 lockdown has also clearly shown what an abject failure this “space rental policy” is.

Nevertheless with this “pop-up-pub initiative” it becomes clear this management are not willing to readjust damaging rental policies to refocus on children but are instead intent on further assaults on children’s rights at Coram’s Fields as soon as this becomes possible.

CFUG find this disappointing, painful, truly troubling and entirely unacceptable. CFUG will be voicing our opinion about this to all local and regional stakeholders.

Secretary, On behalf of Coram’s Fields User Group


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