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Conservatives split over Boris Johnson’s leadership victory

Leader and deputy leader have contrasting views on new PM

25 July, 2019 — By Richard Osley

Oliver Cooper: Everyone should get behind Boris

THE leader and deputy leader of Camden’s Conservatives are split over Boris Johnson’s election as Britain’s new Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson, described as “Britain Trump” by US President Donald Trump this week, arrived at Downing Street yesterday (Wednesday) for his first day in the job.

Councillor Oliver Cooper, the leader of the Conservatives at the Town Hall, said: “Everyone should get behind Boris so the liberal policies he proposed during the race, such as hiring 20,000 more police, an amnesty on illegal immigrants and putting £5billion extra into state schools, can be put into effect.”

But his deputy, Councillor Gio Spinella, who was a Remain supporter, said: “The Boris Johnson who was a leader of the Leave campaign, an unimpressive Foreign Secretary and, finally, a serial rebel against the last government, will struggle greatly to convince me, and Camden voters, that he is unifying, not to mention the vote-winning politician that many of my fellow party members think he is.”


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