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Conservatives say Town Hall has finally listened after raising fly-tipping penalties

Labour had resisted calls to lift fines to £400

06 April, 2019 — By Richard Osley

CONSERVATIVES have teased the Labour-run Town Hall for adopting a policy they have been suggesting for three years, with the introduction of higher penalties for fly-tipping.

From Monday, people found illegally dumping waste will be liable for a £400 fine.

The penalty for littering has been raised to £100. The council had resisted raising the fees, insisting it did not want to use a “big stick” approach to stopping fly-tipping.

Tory group leader Councillor Oliver Cooper said: “Fly-tipping has doubled in the last two years in Camden and it’s right that we get tough on it. Camden’s cabinet opposed the increase – calling it ‘beating people up’ – as recently as December, when I noted my disappointment that fines weren’t increasing. But, hey presto, after that meeting, the budget document was amended to adopt the idea two months later.”

He added: “Putting Labour on the spot clearly put them to shame, and Camden will get cleaner streets as a result after years of deterioration.”


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