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Come on Tulip, here’s how to bust the Brexit deadlock

04 January, 2019

Tulip Siddiq MP

• I REFER to the letter from Tulip Siddiq MP, (Deadlock is unacceptable, December 20). She describes Conservative government failures, of which there are many, but remains silent on Labour Party failures.

Labour should be the party in waiting, providing the people in our country with an alternative government and holding the Conservatives robustly to account.

Yet the Labour Party is as fractured as the Conservatives with, among other things, no coherent policy on Brexit. Now that Ms Siddiq has identified one side of the problem, what solution would she suggest?

A second referendum is important, but what if the majority still want to leave? The time taken to carry out a second referendum before March 2019 eats away at valuable time to find a solution.

It is not a panacea if it produces a leave result for the second time. It may succeed – in which case we may all yet be saved, but it is a known unknown. What if it does not?

Is the solution not to withdraw the Article 50 notice by a tabled motion from MPs? The European Court of Justice has given us a gift with its recent judgment and we should grasp it with both hands.

Such a vote is not a reversal of Brexit as an Article 50 notice can be served again later to start another two-year period running, but we can plan better for that eventuality.

President Vladimir Putin has announced that the will of the people should be honoured, but I would hazard a guess that even he does not wish the people’s will to be supported in the chaotic and non-functioning environment in which all parties currently operate, which is Westminster.

May I invite Ms Siddiq to help us to find a solution to this crisis so that our future and the future of younger generations do not fall off a cliff? I would invite her to table a motion for a vote by all MPs as early as possible after parliament sits on January 7, to withdraw the Article 50 notice.

If a majority of MPs vote for this the government will be bound to do so. We can all then take a collective breath of relief and work out, together, where we go from here.



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