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Combat shop crime by taking up CBak radios option

31 October, 2019

• AT the safer neigh­bourhood meeting last week the police highlighted the issue of theft from local shops and the low take-up of CBak radios which are designed to help shops to combat this crime.

I am puzzled by why local shops are not using this deterrent if it can dramatically reduce theft of stock items by visitors to the store and thereby limit their losses and cut crime.

The speed of get-away and risk of confrontation with the thief presents a danger of harm to innocent parties – customers, staff and or bystanders.

The police officer speculated that it could be cost which explains low take-up. I wonder whether some of the money Hampstead Business Improvement District takes from businesses could be returned to help fund this.

To further help reduce this type of crime Hampstead BID could also provide money to smaller businesses which don’t pay into the Hampstead BID to help them get CBak radios.

I would call upon Hampstead BID to have a serious think about intervening to assist here. Not checking this crime is a community risk and lets our community down.

Conservative, Hampstead Town ward


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