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Co-op call: Former department store worker seeks ex-colleagues

'I see a few of the local girls about now and again, there’s one who works in Waitrose still - but not so many'

01 May, 2018 — By Tom Foot

Stephen Guyver 

AS a postman covering NW1 for 27 years and before that a long-serving shop steward at a long-lost department store on the high street, Stephen Guyver knows a thing or two about Camden Town.

Now aged 66, he is wondering if anyone remembers him and is trying to organise a reunion for former colleagues of the London Co-op. Mr Guyver said the department store was similar to John Lewis or Woolworths and occupied the grand white building opposite the exit from Camden Town tube station in Camden High Street.

After leaving Sir William Collins school, now Regent High School, Mr Guyver got a job as shoe assistant at the Co-op in 1967 and worked his way up to drapery manager until leaving in the 1980s.

He said: “It was a real department store and it was full of local people working there, mainly out-of-school youngsters from Camden. You would go there for your cups and saucers, hardware, clothes – it was all there under one roof. You had to walk around and sell, though – not like now when they just wait for people to buy. People were friendly, approachable. I see a few of the local girls about now and again, there’s one who works in Waitrose still – but not so many. I do wonder what they’re up to. It would be nice to meet up and have a reunion, maybe at the Escape Bar, that’s where I go, anyway.”Co-op call Stephen seeks ex-colleagues

Mr Guyver, who lives in Somers Town, was the store’s Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (USDAW) rep before becoming a Camden Town postie in the late 1980s.

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