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Catalogue of errors with library change

24 January, 2020

Islington Central Library

• THE Islington Central Library has been smartened up recently, and that is no bad thing. But why have the books held in the reference section been removed from the catalogue?

When I asked, I was told that since people have to come in to read them anyway it is not necessary to be able to check the catalogue.

What? Since when do people travel to a library without knowing whether the book they want to read is held in that library?

Browsing can be fun, but we don’t all have the time to swan around on the off-chance a book we want to read might be there.

The assistant said that we can always ask at the desk, where the catalogue is complete. What is the purpose of a public catalogue which is accessible remotely but is incomplete?

How many people know that the catalogue they can check from home has half the library books missing from it? Public libraries are important, particularly for the less well off so they can learn for free.

Whoever thought up the big expense for floors and furniture should have had other priorities – those that make the use of the library more efficient. We go to libraries to find specific books and not to look at the floors.

Wedmore Gardens, N19


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