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Castellers in the market

10 May, 2019

The Castellers in action at Camden Market

• I CERTAINLY understand why John Gulliver enjoyed the Catalan castells at Camden Market, but he made some comments in his column which can’t be ignored, (Castells of human achievement, May 2).

He said the castell leader was calling out instructions in Spanish. Not so. All instructions were in Catalan, an entirely separate and beautiful language, and one of which Catalans are very proud (particularly as it was banned under Franco).

And they most certainly did not shout “olé”! This is a Spanish word associated with bull-fighting and Catalunya is the only independent region / country which has voted to ban bull-fighting.

Catalunya has a proud tradition of a separate culture and language, so these inaccuracies are important. But John Gulliver is right, watching them build a castell is an amazing and impressive experience.

Myddleton Avenue, N4


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