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Can you help Summer?

27 September, 2019

  • Summer was found wandering the streets of Wembley late at night, her heavily matter fur covered in urine and faeces.
    She was in obvious and significant distress, and had no collar or lead.
  • A concerned member of the public carefully picked her up, and brought her straight into Mayhew, where our night staff admitted her and gave her a general health check. 
  • She was found to be riddled with fleas, and cowered away in fear from anyone who attempted to get close to her. 
  • Overnight, we noticed Summer was also suffering from severe diarrhoea, and she rejected most offers of food. Our vets have now conducted extensive tests to try and establish a cause, and we are waiting for the results to come through.

We have no idea what happened to Summer or where she may have come from, but we are doing our utmost to help her turn her life around.

We are of course ensuring that Summer receives extra care, love and attention whilst we await her test results, and we have settled her into a warm and cosy cabin so she can finally get some well-earned rest.

If you are interested in adopting Summer, give Sarah Hastelow a call on 020 8206 5874


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