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Can you grow cannabis legally in the UK?

06 August, 2019

Is growing cannabis for personal use finally legal?

The discussion has been on-going for quite some time and it doesn’t seem to be quieting down anytime soon. Not when the believers are still being challenged by the sceptics and vice versa. In some places in the world it is already legal to grow as well as purchase cannabis for personal use and in some it is strictly prohibited. Then there are certain areas where it is alright to use cannabis but not to sell as well as to grow. The fact that regulations are somewhat unclear as well as not consistent around the world only adds to the difficulty of creating universal legislation. If that is even something that is desired. Perhaps each government should be allowed to decide which is best according to its own domestic laws, as well as the desires of its citizens. Isn’t that what democracies are all about in the end? Online legislations seem to be a bit more liberal though as sites such as makes it possible for people to buy cannabis seeds online for the purpose of growing them at home.

Male vs. Female

It is specifically feminized cannabis seeds that are available for sale online as these are the preferred ones when it comes to growing cannabis at home. Feminized cannabis seeds have revolutionized the market of cannabis in the last few decades and it doesn’t seem to be easing up anytime soon. Before there were feminized seeds, regular seeds were the going rate and these were usually made up of 50% male seeds and 50% female seeds. These seeds were however not as fruitful when it came to cultivation and thanks to the feminized seeds now available, this is no longer an issue. The cultivation process is of course much more complicated than expressed here but suffice to say is that feminized cannabis seeds have really made a difference when it comes to growing cannabis at home. With the possibility of being able to buy online feminized cannabis seeds comes then of course also an additional layer in the cannabis discourse. As people are able to buy most of what they need online, how forceful are the laws in place really? If it is all of a sudden needed that there is an increase in personal surveillance when it comes to internet use, are we not then infringing on a whole new set of rights?

Case study – the UK

In the UK the government has a very clear stance on cannabis and according to official sources this is not going to change anytime soon. It is stated that they will continue to reinforce a non-scientific and non-evidence based policy. The government argues that cannabis is harmful and usage will lead to mental health problems and addiction. They are also adamant in arguing that cannabis has no medical benefits in herbal form whatsoever. For this reason, the government will continue to classify cannabis as a controlled substance with all that entails. In the UK, illegal drugs fall into one of three categories, Class A, B or C. Each with its own set of requirements as well as punishments and fines. Of course each individual case is different and there is no way of generalizing when it comes to punishments related to cannabis use, possession or distributing. To know more about the cannabis laws in the UK it is best to consult official sites online. The party line seems to be pretty set though and little leeway is present for those caught in the act.

In conclusion

The answer to the question posed in the title of this article is no, it is not allowed to grow cannabis legally in the UK. In fact, the fines and punishment associated with using, selling and/or distributing are quite severe. The official line of the UK government is that cannabis is a harmful substance and that there is no medical usage for the plant. It is dangerous and as such it is the duty of the government to protect its citizens from harm by making the drug illegal. Whether this action is potent or not is up for discussion. There are still those that firmly believe in its medicinal powers and those that believe that the government should not interfere in whether individuals chooses to use the substance or not regardless of medicinal reasons or not. It is argued by believers that cannabis is used in some places in the world without issues and that some chronically ill people have in fact been alleviated of their pain. However, the sceptics still say that the negative harmful consequences outweigh the potential positive aspects. It is impossible to decide which side is right, what is certain though is that the debate will continue and that there are many more heated discussions yet to come.


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