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Camden Living – may not be easy

02 March, 2017 — By John Gulliver

Sajid Javid

THE best plans of leading Camden Labour thinkers seem to have gone amiss.

I hear councillors fear the new housing White Paper – promoted by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid – may threaten their arms-length company, Camden Living, largely set up for residents who can’t afford high private rents to pay more reasonable rents.

Such an arm’s-length company could be said to have been set up to get around government restrictions on council housing.

Presumably, Sajid Javid wants to close any loophole that allows local authorities to prevent tenants from exercising their right to buy – a dagger in the side of Labour councils.

The philosophy and commercial aims of, for example, Camden Living, would be antithetical to any right-to-buy programme.


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